Palestra c/ Prof. Felipe Rech Meneguzzi sobre Planejamento e Reconhecimento de Ojetivos

Continuaremos com os Seminários Internos do MIR 2018! Desta vez com a palestra do professor Felipe Rech Meneguzzi.

Data: 24/04/2018
Horário: 14h00
Local: FACIN, Sala 516

Palestrante: Felipe Rech Meneguzzi
Título: Master Class on Plan and Goal Recognition 
Plan and goal recognition is the task of inferring the plan and goal of an agent through the observation of its
actions and its environment and has a number of applications on computer-human interaction, assistive technologies 
and surveillance. Although such techniques using planning domain theories have developed a number of very accurate 
and effective techniques, they often rely on assumptions of full observability and noise-free observations. These 
assumptions are not necessarily true in the real world, regardless of the technique used to translate sensor data 
into symbolic logic-based observations. In this seminar, we explain plan recognition approaches that rely on a 
range of assumptions about the available domain knowledge, from complete plan-libraries up to incomplete planning 
domain theories. 
Duração: 1h