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LSA is devoted mainly to environmental, humanitarian, educational, and industrial applications for the benefit of mankind. The laboratory combines researchers from different areas (embedded systems, computer vision, AI) to design innovative solutions, bridging the existing robotics research gap between hardware and software. The laboratory has a complete set of programmable robotics resources including different mobile platforms (boats, rotatory wings UAV, land robots), arms, sensors (laser rangers, cameras, IMU, etc), embedded computers, 3D printer, etc.

LSA is part of the Machine Intelligence and Robotics (MIR) research nucleus.

Main topics of interest:

  • multi-robots systems;
  • reliable and safe robotics;
  • robotic middleware;
  • distributed embedded systems;
  • autonomic computing and self-management systems;
  • automated planning;
  • machine learning;
  • autonomous decision-making.

Main areas of application:

  • environmental, humanitarian, educational, and industrial applications;
  • field robotics;

Interested students:

Undergraduate, master, phd, pos-doc positions are available. Interested students must send CV to email.