Project description

The main sources of water are being polluted by industry and population growth in unplanned areas, near the river beds. The goal of this project is to design intelligent software system to control multiple small autonomous boats to measure pollution paramerter and take water samples. Thus, we hope it could be used to help environmental law reinforcament, protecting our water sources.

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rescue mobile app sensors
sail boat electronics  
AI planning GIS


  • G1: Improvements to the robot boat design
  • G2: Improvements to the algorithms for robot/team control
  • G3: Novel algorithms and missions for local problems
  • G4: Design and execution of robotic surveys
  • G5: Ensure long-term survey capability


Most milestones delayed given delays in government implementation of the project

  • M1: Mission from Postdoc 1 to CMU for training in the robot platform
  • M2: Sandwich PhD 1 starts at CMU for training in the robot platform
  • M3: Mission from CMU PhD students to support survey
  • M4 Sandwich PhD 2 starts at CMU for work on novel algorithms
  • M5 Mission from Postdoc 2 to CMU for testing novel algorithms
  • M6 Mission from CMU PhD students to support survey



Academic Collaborators


  • Marcelo Paravisi, PhD student on Computer Science/PUCRS, Adivised by Alexandre Amory, role: system simulation, path planning, integration to middleware.
  • Renan Guedes Maidana, Master in Computer Science/PUCRS, advised by Alexandre Amory and Aurélio Salton, role: Sistema modular de localização e percepção de barcos autônomos
  • to be completed



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