Project description

The ultimate goal of this project is to create a single system able to coordinate multiple heterogeneous agents (land robots, boats, rotatory wings, people) to help in disaster response and mitigation. Pró-Alertas also proposes a citywide simulation environment to test responses and planning under different disaster scenarios and flooding forecast and alert system which harvest crowdsourcing, social, and IoT data.

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alerts rescue mobile app sensors
drone land robot sail boat electronics
AI planning GIS  


  • Goal 1: software system to coordinate multiple heterogeneous agents;
  • Goal 2: an integrated simulation environment to test and evaluate different strategies under diferent disaster scenarios;
  • Goal 3: flooding forecast and alert system for urban areas;
  • Goal 4: test the integrated environment in real life application with heterogeneous agents.



Academic Collaborators

  1. Aurélio Tergolina Salton, GACS - PPGEE/FENG - PUCRS University;
  2. Felipe Meneguzzi, MIR/PPGCC/FACIN - PUCRS University;
  3. Isabel Harb Manssour, PPGCC/FACIN - PUCRS University;
  4. Rafael Bordini, PPGCC/FACIN - PUCRS University;
  5. Regis Alexandre Lahm, Laboratório de Tratamento de Imagens e Geoprocessamento(LTIG) - PPGEDUCEM/Física - PUCRS University;
  6. colabs from UFRN.
    • currently looking for a interested student. It is an ideal project for undergrad, master, or phd student.




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